Draft Chapter Council Agenda Topics

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Time Duration Topic
9:00 am 10 Introductions, Welcome and Announcements and Roll Call (Judy Fenerty, Marty Foltyn)
9:10 am 5 Secretary’s Report, June Minutes. (Marty Foltyn) (potential vote)
9:15 am 20 Interim Executive Director update (Vince Scheidt)
9:35 am 15 Board Report (Cris Sarabia, Cathy Capone, David Pryor)
9:50 am 10 CNPS Board and Chapter Council Elections (Bill Waycott)
10:00 am 5 Break
10:05 am 10 CNPS Rare Plant Program Update (Aaron Sims)
10:15 am 15 Communications, Education, & Publications Update (David Bryant)
10:30 am 15 JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Program Update (David Bryant, Cris Sarabia)
10:45 am 10 Brief Updates and Questions: Committees, Chapter Handbook, etc. (Judy Fenerty)
10:55 am 5 Break
11:00 am 30 Strategic Plan (Judy Fenerty, Cris Sarabia, Woody Elliott) (potential vote)
11:30 am 15 Roundtable: TBD. Volunteer Recruitment and Chapter Health?
11:45 am 10 Volunteer Recognition
12:00 pm 10 Future Chapter Council meetings, Next Steps, Action Items. (All)
Questions?  Topics for the agenda?  Email: Judy Fenerty, Chapter Council Chair, judy@fenerty.com Additional reports: Tentative next meeting: December 4, 2021.