Chapter Council Meeting Agenda: Sat. March 2, 2024

Ver. 02/27/2024

Time Duration Subject
8:00 am 60 Breakfast
9:00 am 20 Welcome, Announcements and Roll Call (Brent Morgan, President, South Coast Chapter, Judy Fenerty, CC Chair, Woody Elliott, CC Vice Chair, Snowdy Dodson, CC Secretary)
9:20 am 10 Secretary’s Report, Review and Approve December 2023 Minutes. (Snowdy Dodson, CC Secretary) (Potential vote) 2023-12-02-ChapterCouncildraftminutesdec
9:30 am 30 Executive Director Report (Jun Bando, CNPS Executive Director). Mar-2024-CNPS Quarterly Report, Mar 2024 ED Update
10:00 am 15 CNPS Board Report (Vivian Neou, Board President; Alice Cantelow and Larry Levine, CC Board Representatives)
10:15 am 15 DEIJ Committee (Barbara Lezon, Bill Waycott, Co-Chairs)
10:30 am 15 Break
10:45 am 30 Calscape 2.0 Demonstration (Jessica Woodard, Calscape Product Manager)
11:15 am 30 South Coast Chapter Update (Brent Morgan)
11:45 am 15 Bylaws Committee Update (Woody Elliott, Committee Chair)
12:00 pm 60 Lunch
1:00 pm 30 Climate Ready Trees for the Urban Environment (Alice Cantelow, El Dorado Chapter) Climate Reliant Trees Issue
1:30 pm 30 Conservation Program Update: National Monument Campaign (Nick Jensen, Conservation Program Director) ChapterCouncilConservationProgram
2:00 pm 30 Invasive Species Committee Update (Steve Schoenig, Committee Chair) (Potential vote) DraftCNPS_IWM_Policy_Revised 20240206, DRAFTCNPSHerbicide_policy20240206, DraftHerbicidePostionStatement_02172024, InitialProposalHerbicideIWM_PolicyRevision_20240206
2:30 pm 15 Kern County Chapter rename request (Rich Spjut, Delegate) (Potential vote) kern-chapter-name
2:45 pm   (SoCal chapter officers meeting, outside of main room.)
2:45 pm 30 Chapter Roundtable.  Potential highlights to include: Updates on Chapter grants, Alta Peak Flora Project
3:15 pm 15 Break
3:30 pm 15 Proposed Interim CC Workshop for Saturday, May 4 on Chapter recruitment, retention, recognition.  (Judy Fenerty, CC Chair, Cathy Capone, Director of the Board)
3:45 pm ~60 Breakout sessions:  TBD.
5:00 pm 15 Wrap Up, Action Items, Topic / Agenda Suggestions for Next CC Meeting, June 8, 2024, hosted by Kern Chapter
5:30 pm   Dinner and Social Hour
7:00 pm   Evening Talk:  Carol Bornstein


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Mar-2024-CNPS Quarterly Report
DraftCNPS_IWM_Policy_Revised 20240206

Climate Reliant Trees Issue
Mar 2024 ED Update